Ep Floors Provides Aerospace & Hangar Floor Coating Systems For Industrial Use

EP Floors Corp. installs high performance Aerospace & Hangar Floor Coating Systems

, for new and retrofit applications. We provide a turn key application including, materials, installation, and solid warranty.

EP Floors Corp. custom tailors the floor system to the customer’s needs and budget.   From thin film coatings (epoxy & urethane) to 1/4 inch resurfacers, and everything in-between, EP Floors has a system that will meet your needs!


All systems provide the following benefits:


EP Floors Corp. systems utilize the latest technology in polyaspartic and urethane coatings, which offer the highest abrasion resistance possible. Your hangar flooring requires a coating system that will stand up over a long period of time to heavy traffic loads.  EPF utilizes this topcoat for hangar flooring because protection and ongoing maintenance are essential.


EPF’s coatings provide a high-gloss, light-reflecting, easy to clean surface. Our floors will not yellow or dull due to ultraviolet degradation, as do some lesser quality hangar floor coatings. The bright, clean surface allows easy identification of parts or liquids on the floor.


All of EPF’s hangar flooring systems incorporate an extremely easy to clean finish, making them look new for years to come.



Choosing the Right Flooring For your Business

ep-floors-corp564Whether your company is simply making a renovation or you are moving to a new location, there is a need for the perfect flooring. However, due to the vast improvement in technology and the wide variety of flooring options available, choosing the right flooring for your business can be a big problem, especially for start-ups.

What are the goals of your business? Are you looking to improve brand awareness? Or just looking to build a lasting customer relation? A good flooring system goes a long way. So, if you own a food processing business, you should be looking to get good Food Processing Floor Coatings and if you run a business that involves hazardous storage and processing areas, you should be looking to get a Hazardous Area Flooring.

How do you determine the right flooring for your business? The following steps should guide you to choosing the right flooring system for you.

Research your Foot Traffic: Yes, this is very important. Knowing how much foot traffic you have helps to make the right choice on the type of flooring to use.

Consider Your Company’s Style: The style of your company matters a lot as it represents your brand image. You should think about what impression you want to leave on your customers before even considering any flooring material.

Check the Available Options: There is a wide range of options when it comes to flooring. After you must have considered the style of your business, you should have been able to trim it down a bit. Now, you can examine each option and how they affect your business.

Contact Us: At EP Floors Corp. we are a dedicated company with years of experience. You can contact us with any question about your commercial space and how our flooring options can be of help.

EP Floors Corp. specializes in value added, seamless and conductive, heavy duty epoxy and urethane floors. Our hazardous flooring and Food Processing flooring systems are of the highest quality and they ensure maximum safety.

Epoxy Floors Continue to Gain Popularity for Industrial Kitchens!

Popular and successful industries know how to attract their customers. In the game of attaining a queue of dealers or contractors, they don’t forget the importance of the bottom line. They have to manage the cost, productivity and of course the safety & standard according to the local governing bodies. Whether you are planning to construct a new industry or considering the renovation of an existing one, it is necessary to consider all these above points. Selecting the right flooring for your industry can affect your cost up to a great level. These days, epoxy kitchen flooring is considered as the best endeavor for the industrial kitchen flooring.

In every food and beverage processing floors, maintenance is foremost important thing that takes a bundle of money from the owners. Epoxy flooring is becoming the favorite floor kind due to its unique properties like fast and efficient cleaning without many efforts. One doesn’t need to buy those costly waxes or cleaners to clean the floor, just water and ammonia will do the work for you. Also, there are few chances for dirt and bacteria to catch up as micro-scratches got diminished. Hence, you may integrate this perfect flooring type and enjoy the high luster surface that last for longer.

You may have spent a big amount on the interiors and decoration of your manufacturing plant but you don’t want to make the floor look less attractive at any cost. Here, I would say Cheer up! These amazing floors are available in a great range of colors and designs and you can pick the one that matches your all over decor. Also, some people consider to apply custom floor graphics to their industrial flooring. Which one you would like to pick for your industrial kitchen flooring?

It is important to choose the right flooring company for the integration of the floor for your dream work place. Do the proper research before selecting the one. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”.